DS-11 form – new passport application online, fillable and printable.

Download: DS-11 new passport application

Fill out onlineClick here

The ds-11 application is fillable online and then able to be printed for you to submit for your passport . If you would like to fill out the application by hand, the ds-11 form download is available online. Either way is good to use when you apply for to get your passport. Its just a preference.

To complete the application, do not sign the DS-11 form until you are in front of an acceptance agent like the post office other wise it becomes unusable.

One way to get your passport as soon as possible is using the expedited service for an additional $60. The fastest way to get a passport is if you are traveling within 14 days yoiu can use a passport expediting service like ALLpassport.com  or Passport Consulate which can have your passport faster then going the standard waiting time of 4-6 week.